Versace Watches for Women – the Epitome of Elegance

85f1cf115681d12a5040c0de56697e95 In 1994 the designer Giannini Versa creates a limited collection of watches that was inspired by his cooperation with another very famous designer from the fashion world – Frank Muller. The Versa name has always been a synonym of sophistication and perfection and this can be seen in every watch that is produced under the designer’s name. The precision and the individual attention can be seen in every model.  The watches for women can definitely tempt every lady as they combine the beautiful design of the Italian jewelry and the precision of the Swiss timepieces. The company respects the traditions in jewelry making but at the same time they always aim for perfection and keep up with the latest trends. It is precisely this ambition that distinguishes the brand from the other designers on the market. Every watch is like a mirror to the designer’s soul. The Versa timepieces are richly decorated with precious stones. These are their trademark in the design of the watches for women. Other distinguishing features of the Versa models are the clean lines and the use of traditional colors and the Greek style elements. The classic look of the timepieces and the modern features are combined really well and attract the attention of the designer watches’ admirers. The company always keeps up with the latest trends and is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative materials that could be used for their watches and jewelry.

click here The precious stones are carefully selected and the sapphire glass is scratch resistant. And in order to create the feel of luxury with every touch, Versa choose first-class leather for the straps. Every watch is luxurious and stylish which is a distinguishing feature only for the designer timepieces. This is the case with the fantastic Vanity watch made by Versa.

Tramadol Online  The Vanity can be found in different colors and the most preferred choice among st many women is the white one. This stylish model can be worn during the day but the elegance it has is also suitable for elegant evening wear. It has a quartz mechanism and it is battery operated. The housing is made of stainless steel and has carat gold plating. The watch is not small but not too big either and its diameter of 43.5 mm allows it to have the class and style women need to present. The dial is typical Versa dial as it has Roman numbers and depending on the color of the leather strap you can have it in white, brown or black. It doesn’t have a calendar in it but that is because the design is so sleek.  The glass of the dial is made from sapphires and crystals and the watch itself in water resistant up to bar. The timepiece of course is produced in Switzerland thus keeping up with the latest trends. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you buy the watch from as it has a 2-year international guarantee for all its parts.

get link The Vanity watches for women by Versa are the popular choice for the upcoming Saint Valentine’s Day and many men have chosen precisely this product to surprise their better half.

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