How to Pull off Statement Stripes Stripes are definitely hot this spring – and if well thought out, can really enhance a girls’ figure in a very flattering way. Designers had a lot of fun with stripes of every kind on the runways this season. They were seen to mix wide and thin stripes in flashy ways making big statements. Some even paired striking stripes to floral patterns creating a wonderful effect. However, in the real world, wearing stripes isn’t that easy and by far the best way to do it is to wear something stripe with a solid color and then choose your shoes carefully – think ankle ladies boots! Great Ways to Wears Stripes Choosing a vertically striped skirt (or pants) can really add height and make legs look taller – especially when matched up to a solid colored top.  Dresses with horizontal stripes can widen a girls’ shape, so unless you are stick thin, it’s not a good choice to wear them. If you have a boyish figure, horizontal stripes are great for giving you a few nice curves – think teaming up your stripe look with Mode in Pele lady’s sandals.

go to site Striped Blazers Are Hot Striped blazers are definitely a great addition to a girls’ wardrobe this spring. They are so chic and so very Continental. They are the perfect solution to wear on a cooler spring day or evening. Wearing a blazer covered in stripes can really make a positive fashion statement. The thing to remember when buying a blazer is that it is all in the detail as well as the design and cut as to whether the jacket works or not. Check out the buttons and pockets – are they cool or cheap looking? Slimmer figures can get away with horizontal stripes, but a girl with a fuller shape might be better off with vertical stripes on a blazer. They look superb when matched to neutral or solid colors – a top or pants as well as skirt needs to be a solid color for a striped blazer to work – when it comes to footwear, think chic ankle ladies boots! Layering Stripes Works If you’re feeling really adventurous, think about treating stripes as you would neutrals

source url . Layering stripes if carefully thought out, can really work well. Coordinating stripes creates a stunning look especially if you marry it all up with a really stylish high-heeled sandal. Mode in Pele lady’s sandals work a treat with a layered striped look. What About Choosing Some Chevrons? If you love wearing midi skirts, then opt for chevrons which can be really slimming. Match your skirt up with a blousy type solid top and then finish your look off with a pair of black lady’s ankles boots – this is a stunning spring look that gets a girl noticed. Mix it Up Think about mixing up your patterns to create a really personal look. A great way to do this is stay with black and white stripes, some wide and some thin. Get adventurous and mix stripes with other patterns like leopard prints – think sandal footwear and tight fitting jeans with a patterned tea shirt.

go to site There’s no getting away from stripes this spring which means a girl can really make her own fashion statement in a vibrant way. For those who are truly adventurous there’ll be no stopping at wearing one single striped item of clothing. The best part is a girl can get all the inspiration she needs from the runways. However, for the girl who prefers subtly discreet, matching stripes to solid colors is a definite trend option with the look finished off with a pair of Mode in Pele lady’s sandals that are oh, so chic! Written by: Natasha Brown – a bubby fashionista who loves to talk fashion.