How Coconut Oil Can Simplify Your Beauty Routine!

Health Coach For Your Reticulation-tasking is the need of hour in this fast paced era! Being a beauty fanatic, I always had an elaborate beauty ritual for just everything. My night-time beauty ritual involved the usage of 7 different products targeted for different problems. However when I started working a year back, things changed drastically for me. Forget of using 10 products, I found even washing my face a herculean task after coming home from a tiring day at work. And it wasn’t just about the problem of using different products but also storing and managing them in a manner which made them accessible for me easily.

I did some research online on how to cut down on time for this and discover some natural remedies which will help me do the same without breaking my bank. That’s when I came across the miracle ingredient that Coconut oil is. Previously, I used it just for my hair but now I am using it for almost everything. Here’s how you too can make use of this inexpensive yet incredibly wonderful oil: As hair mask Coconut oil makes for an awesome hair nourishing treatment.

I used to buy over the counter products before which not just caused a dent in my wallet but also didn’t perform in an excellent manner. Now I use coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment and the change is clearly visible. I apply it from my hair roots to ends, end it in a ponytail and leave it overnight. Make sure to cover your pillow with a towel to avoid stains if you too do the same. Wash out in morning to get super soft hair which you won’t be able to stop touching.

 As makeup remover I have an oily acne prone skin and I was really scared to try it as a makeup remover at first. But I decided to take the risk. And the risk paid off very well! I take a generous quantity of it on cotton pads and gently swipe it over my face to melt down the makeup. After I am done with this, I wash my face with a cleanser. I am left with a squeaky clean feel.

For removing waterproof makeup, I use MAC cleansing mineral oil which does the job effectively. As an eye cream Another major benefit of coconut oil lies in its capability of hydrating the delicate under eye area. I take a small quantity of it and massage it a bit around my eye area. It is quite popular in reducing fine lines and also in preventing the formation of eye wrinkles. Though I haven’t seen any change in my minute dark circles, my eye area hardly feels dry. Except for when I work at computer for really long hours in a day.

 So what are you waiting for? Purchase coconut oil right now using 1mg coupons present on Cashbook and start reaping its benefits! As a body butter Come winters and my skin starts to show signs of dryness. With no time to pile on products on my skin, I go for something which is intensively moisturizing and keeps my skin moist for long hours. I combine the power of two ingredients here i.e. Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. I apply the oil 15 minutes before bath and wash it off then. I am left with silky smooth skin.

Thanks to Snap deal coupons available on Cashbook, you can get it at low prices with the benefit of amazing Cashback. As a frizz tamer I have really thick and coarse hair. Most hair serums fail on my hair and the ones that don’t are ridiculously expensive. I reserve them only for special occasions. Coconut oil works beautifully. I rub a small quantity of it on my palms and run them lightly throughout my hair to tame the frizz and flyways. It works like a charm. Although you should skip it if you have thin hair as it will weight them down. I really hope that these tips help you too! I am on my way to having a minimalist beauty routine and I feel a step closer.

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