Guide to Trendy Look for Plus Size Women

You may feel conscious about your shape while dressing up or perhaps, think that you can’t wear trendy clothes because you just happen to be one of those who are on the heavier side of the scale. Every woman, regardless of her size, deserves to look beautiful and be comfortable in any clothes that she wears. For plus size women, there is a lot more reasons to be stunning and trendy than your size. Today, hundreds of fashion shops and designers have come up with innovative ideas on various cuts, colors, and styles to clothe over-sized women in trendy, chic, and fashionable plus size clothing, which highlight their personality instead of the unwanted bulges. Though somewhat new to the fashion industry, a huge attention has been given to the creation of trendy clothes, which are especially designed for bigger and curvier women.

There are numerous fashion shows flaunting plus size models in their ravishing trendy plus size clothing that undoubtedly make most women feel good about their body. So, how did they manage to do it? Read on some of the basic tips on how to achieve a stunning, trendy look on plus size clothing.

General Tips and Advice• Choose the right color Choosing the right color for your clothing is crucially important and something that should not be ignored. The number one choice of color for many plus size women is black. This is because black is a dark color, which hides unflattering bulges and offers an even look. However, you cannot wear black attire all the time. You will also need several other colors for your clothing in your wardrobe. Another color option that works well with plus size women is navy blue. Stripes can also add to the trendy look and offer a slimmer appearance. Adding a colored stole or scarf to your attire can also do the trick.

  • Choose a design that highlights your best assets Though you want to hide your unflattering bulges, you may want to show off your best assets like your curves or your beautifully toned legs. Choosing a design that highlights these areas will undoubtedly make you look and feel attractive. You can choose a skirt that ends below the knee to show off your legs, teaming it up with a pair of attractive high heel shoes. Skirts also work good for hiding bulges at the back part, making you look slimmer. Another must-have trendy design that fuller women need to keep in their wardrobe is the patterned or floral clothing for summer. It is also a good idea to stay away from layer designs as these only go well for slimmer women.
  • Choose the right accessories When wearing plus size attire, the main focus is to create a trimmer silhouette, which makes the eyes of the beholder go up and down and not side to side. Because of this, paying attention to the details of what you wear is very important. Unlike petite women, plus size women have more space to work on and they can handle bigger details. But, it is extremely important to choose the right details that are scaled according to your size.

For instance, a dainty necklace will only emphasize your large proportions. However, strategically putting on a few layers of necklaces will create a fuller look, which complements your size. There really is nothing that can stop you from looking stunning in fashionable plus size attire with the perfect combination of the right color, the right cut, and the right design. The good thing about it is that you don’t even need to spend a fortune just to look good in plus size attire. All you simply need are common dressing sense and knowing what goes right for you.

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