Dressing Up for a Date Night

Women will agree, dressing up for a date night is no easy task. There are so many aspects you need to take care of. In this article we attempt to simplify the task of getting dressed right, so you end up looking gorgeous on every date night.

If looking just right wasn’t enough, first dates appear in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, your clothes need to be planned well in advance. Here are some tips for what you should wear and what should be avoided: Movie or a Casual Dinner: – Opt for a stylish casual if you’re date night is informal. Wear jeans that compliment your body type. The same goes for your top. Choose a solid color t-shirt or a pretty blouse. Anything that is too tight or has “Princess” or other descriptive titles are a big NO.

Formal Dinner and Dancing: – Here, leave the jeans at home. Hunt down the perfect figure flattering dress that is a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The “little black dress” is a good option as well. Anything too short can come in the way of dancing freely. So, chose a dress you’re absolutely sure about.

Lounge, Bar, or Dance Club: – Let your personality come into play when you’re going on a date night to a classy club, or a lounge. You don’t need to be formal, but you can definitely be flirty! Skinny jeans, shorter skirts and sexy shirts, you can get away with them. But focus on classy clothing, not trashy clothing. A few other things, besides clothes you need to take care of: Natural Makeup: Ensure you opt for makeup, which looks natural. Choose to highlight your best features. You don’t need to coat yourself with heavy foundations. Instead opt for mineral based products. They are better for your skin, lighter on your face and give a natural look.

Comfortable footwear: In your desire to look tall and stylish, don’t end up tripping over everything else with painfully high heels. Choose a heel height that allows you to be comfortable. If you’re sure about wearing really high heels, remember to practice in them. Dress for the occasion: The possible venues for your date night could be many and so varied! So, smarten up and do your research well about the place before finalizing what to wear.

Wear a perfume: Body odor can be a big turn-off, while a perfume can be the exact opposite. Choose a fragrance that matches your persona. You can be classy and sophisticated, sweet and flirty or simply sexy! Let your perfume reveal your mood.

Relax: This is a crucial aspect about getting ready for a date. Your need to look good should not result in a stressful situation, as it will definitely show on your face. Feel happy and let it radiate! Keep in mind the above tips, add oodles of confidence and sprinkle it with the perfect smile. We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful recipe for a great date night!

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