5 Wardrobe Must Haves for Fashion Forward Moms

5 Wardrobe Must Haves for Fashion Forward Moms

Posted in Lifestyle Regardless of a woman’s age, sense of style, occupation, or how many kids she has, there are a few wardrobe staples that all moms should have in their closets. These timeless fashion must-haves can be mixed and matched with a woman’s wardrobe over the years, and can be worn any season, weather permitting. By adding these five wardrobe staples to your closet, you can ensure that you’re always ready for an event or occasion that comes up.

A Well-Cut Sequin Dress well-cut sequin dress can be your go-to wardrobe staple for your upcoming holiday events and cocktail parties. I know, it feels like you’re almost never invited to these since you had kids, but the same sequin dress can be worn time and time again. It can be given a whole new look and feel by simply switching your heels, jewelry, handbag, and accessories such as scarves or blazers. For example, you could wear a cardigan over your sequin dress for a daytime event or party, and remove the cardigan for an evening cocktail party.  Hey, we are lucky if we get a shower sometimes, so any excuses to dress like princess, and I’ll take it.

Statement Jewelry All women have a preference for the type of jewelry they like to wear. Some women enjoy wearing bracelets or necklaces while others enjoy a great pair of statement earrings. No matter your jewelry of choice, invest in a statement piece of jewelry such as a colorful or oversized necklace. Your statement accessory will be an instant talking point while dressing up both casual and formal outfits.  If you have little ones, wear the jewelry that you don’t mind getting broken unless you’re going somewhere fancy, don’t want nanas pearls to be pulled off while you’re nursing at the mall, reenacting a scene from a cartoon you’ve seen 100 times on repeat.

Go-To Black Pumps sleek and stylish pair of black pumps can be worn with just about everything in your wardrobe, from your dark wash denim to your business suits and favorite dresses. Your pumps will give you an additional bit of height to elongate your legs. Classic black pumps always pull an outfit together.  If you prefer flats, then a classic pair of black flats are also perfect.

A Neutral Trench Coat neutral trench coat is another wardrobe must-have. Your trench coat can be thrown over basic jeans and a T-shirt to give you a clean look and feel. You can wear it over your business suits, cocktail dress, or almost any clothing in your wardrobe. If neutral colors such as black, navy, gray, or beige are not your first preference, opt to for a standout solid color that complements your complexion. A couple popular choices for timeless colors are red and purple.  It’s also a great way to hide that spittle on your shoulder.

A Tailored, Neutral Suit A neutral two-piece suit–whether slacks and a blazer, a skirt and a blazer, or a dress and a blazer–gives you a go-to choose for any last-minute business meetings, parent teacher conferences and graduations. The suit can also be mixed and matched with your wardrobe as separates. Even if you wear a suit on a daily basis, it is important to ensure that you have at least one neutral, tailored suit that is not too trendy in color or embellishments, making it a timeless selection. Your tailored, neutral suit can be worn frequently over the years. You can give it a different look by wearing it with different blouses, lapel pins, scarves, jewelry, and accessories.

If any of these wardrobe must-haves are currently missing from your closet, most can be found in your favorite department store, or in the boutiques of your favorite designers. They are all wardrobe items worthy of an additional investment, as they’ll be part of your wardrobe for years to come.

This article was written by Ashlyn Cooper, mommy blogger.  She is happy to show the world that being a mother doesn’t dictate how she dresses, much. With her busy schedule, she enjoys shopping for dresses online.

Guide to Trendy Look for Plus Size Women

Guide to Trendy Look for Plus Size Women

You may feel conscious about your shape while dressing up or perhaps, think that you can’t wear trendy clothes because you just happen to be one of those who are on the heavier side of the scale. Every woman, regardless of her size, deserves to look beautiful and be comfortable in any clothes that she wears. For plus size women, there is a lot more reasons to be stunning and trendy than your size. Today, hundreds of fashion shops and designers have come up with innovative ideas on various cuts, colors, and styles to clothe over-sized women in trendy, chic, and fashionable plus size clothing, which highlight their personality instead of the unwanted bulges. Though somewhat new to the fashion industry, a huge attention has been given to the creation of trendy clothes, which are especially designed for bigger and curvier women.

There are numerous fashion shows flaunting plus size models in their ravishing trendy plus size clothing that undoubtedly make most women feel good about their body. So, how did they manage to do it? Read on some of the basic tips on how to achieve a stunning, trendy look on plus size clothing.

General Tips and Advice• Choose the right color Choosing the right color for your clothing is crucially important and something that should not be ignored. The number one choice of color for many plus size women is black. This is because black is a dark color, which hides unflattering bulges and offers an even look. However, you cannot wear black attire all the time. You will also need several other colors for your clothing in your wardrobe. Another color option that works well with plus size women is navy blue. Stripes can also add to the trendy look and offer a slimmer appearance. Adding a colored stole or scarf to your attire can also do the trick.

  • Choose a design that highlights your best assets Though you want to hide your unflattering bulges, you may want to show off your best assets like your curves or your beautifully toned legs. Choosing a design that highlights these areas will undoubtedly make you look and feel attractive. You can choose a skirt that ends below the knee to show off your legs, teaming it up with a pair of attractive high heel shoes. Skirts also work good for hiding bulges at the back part, making you look slimmer. Another must-have trendy design that fuller women need to keep in their wardrobe is the patterned or floral clothing for summer. It is also a good idea to stay away from layer designs as these only go well for slimmer women.
  • Choose the right accessories When wearing plus size attire, the main focus is to create a trimmer silhouette, which makes the eyes of the beholder go up and down and not side to side. Because of this, paying attention to the details of what you wear is very important. Unlike petite women, plus size women have more space to work on and they can handle bigger details. But, it is extremely important to choose the right details that are scaled according to your size.

For instance, a dainty necklace will only emphasize your large proportions. However, strategically putting on a few layers of necklaces will create a fuller look, which complements your size. There really is nothing that can stop you from looking stunning in fashionable plus size attire with the perfect combination of the right color, the right cut, and the right design. The good thing about it is that you don’t even need to spend a fortune just to look good in plus size attire. All you simply need are common dressing sense and knowing what goes right for you.

The Really Modern Suit for the Real Man

The Really Modern Suit for the Real Man

What is the main attribute of a real man? Of course, costume! But how to choose the costume to look super-cool? Follow these tips and you’ll always look stylish and fashionable. Shoulders great suit should hug man’s shoulders. Let it hold you firmly, in a friendly way. Stays They keep your collar erect. Take them out before laundering and then get them back in there. Lapels Lapels are the main detail that defines the entire suit. Try it slim – it’s contemporary without too much hipster baloney.

Handkerchief Wear your top pocket square to bring attention to the chest, not the belly. Torso Your jacket should fit the silhouette of your frame. Have a tailor it in at the sides to highlight shoulders. Sleeves Think about width. Tailoring sleeves to rid them of excess fabric cuts a mean figure. Tithe first thing that people notice it’s a tie. Keep it bold and classy and let it tie the rest of your outfit together. The tip of your tie should end at your beltline, no shorter, no longer.

Ticket pockets Channel your inner dandy. Flap pockets Classic. End of story. Cuff Let a little sleeve show through as a finishing touch. It also lengthens the look of your arms. Watch Every outfit should have one timeless element, why not your watch? Consider a vintage model but make sure you buy it from a reputable dealer. Belt Yes, it should match your shoes and no you don’t have to wear one if your pants fit well.

Pants Slim, flat-front, and quitting at the tops of your shoes, end of story. Shoes The one thing every man should own is the black lace-ups. Really good dress shoes, usually, have natural leather soles. Take care of your shoes: taps on the heels and toes, cedar shoe trees when you’re not wearing them. Big man = solid shoe. Choose a substantial sole to anchor your weight. Your dress shoes should have the same contour that has your suit. Say no to square toes. Black lace-ups are the most dependable and versatile shoes you can own. Cheat sheet Make sure it fits right, find a tailor.

With two-button suit with a narrow lapel you’ll always be on top. It’s at once classic and completely contemporary. Flat front, trim pants with very little break at the ankle should do you right. If you can’t cup your hands under the hem of the jacket, then it’s too long. Show your cuff. It’s the sign of a stylish fellow.

Follow the reasons – cotton suits in summer, tweeds, flannels, and corduroys in winter. Keep your patterns subtle or isolate them in small doses. Shirts Keep it trim, slim, and shorter than you think. You should be able to easily cup your hands beneath your hands beneath your suit jackets. Know what size shirt you wear, seriously, measure.

Always buy a fitted dress shirt even if you’re not as trim as you’d like to be. When in doubt, go with a semi spread collar. Unbutton and free your oxford, it’s much cooler that way. Add some personality with a plaid or gingham dress shirt and a dark tie.

Be a man: wear pink to the office. Loosen up: show off your snarky side with unbuttoned shirt cuffs. Use stays. Learn to wash and iron, it’ll save you some dough and ensure top quality care. Ties Slim ties, about (2.5) inches wide, will put together a modern look.

The tip should suit the belt. The four-in-hand knot will always do you right. If you’re confused by colors and patterns, keep it simple with a solid dark tie and a white or light-color shirt. Buy a slim black silk knit tie and wear it with everything you own. Match your ties to other fabrics – cotton ties with cotton suits in summer, wool with wool in winter.

Color, pattern There is must be proportion between the width of your lapels and the width of your tie, jacket and shirt. It’s foolproof to mix and match one pattern and one solid with tie and shirt. Go ahead with more color; just make sure it’s right for you. When it’s cold out, wear a slim V-neck sweater under your suit.

Dressing Up for a Date Night

Dressing Up for a Date Night

Women will agree, dressing up for a date night is no easy task. There are so many aspects you need to take care of. In this article we attempt to simplify the task of getting dressed right, so you end up looking gorgeous on every date night.

If looking just right wasn’t enough, first dates appear in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, your clothes need to be planned well in advance. Here are some tips for what you should wear and what should be avoided: Movie or a Casual Dinner: – Opt for a stylish casual if you’re date night is informal. Wear jeans that compliment your body type. The same goes for your top. Choose a solid color t-shirt or a pretty blouse. Anything that is too tight or has “Princess” or other descriptive titles are a big NO.

Formal Dinner and Dancing: – Here, leave the jeans at home. Hunt down the perfect figure flattering dress that is a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The “little black dress” is a good option as well. Anything too short can come in the way of dancing freely. So, chose a dress you’re absolutely sure about.

Lounge, Bar, or Dance Club: – Let your personality come into play when you’re going on a date night to a classy club, or a lounge. You don’t need to be formal, but you can definitely be flirty! Skinny jeans, shorter skirts and sexy shirts, you can get away with them. But focus on classy clothing, not trashy clothing. A few other things, besides clothes you need to take care of: Natural Makeup: Ensure you opt for makeup, which looks natural. Choose to highlight your best features. You don’t need to coat yourself with heavy foundations. Instead opt for mineral based products. They are better for your skin, lighter on your face and give a natural look.

Comfortable footwear: In your desire to look tall and stylish, don’t end up tripping over everything else with painfully high heels. Choose a heel height that allows you to be comfortable. If you’re sure about wearing really high heels, remember to practice in them. Dress for the occasion: The possible venues for your date night could be many and so varied! So, smarten up and do your research well about the place before finalizing what to wear.

Wear a perfume: Body odor can be a big turn-off, while a perfume can be the exact opposite. Choose a fragrance that matches your persona. You can be classy and sophisticated, sweet and flirty or simply sexy! Let your perfume reveal your mood.

Relax: This is a crucial aspect about getting ready for a date. Your need to look good should not result in a stressful situation, as it will definitely show on your face. Feel happy and let it radiate! Keep in mind the above tips, add oodles of confidence and sprinkle it with the perfect smile. We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful recipe for a great date night!